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Department of pedodontics

Child care dentistry is a very interesting subject for all children and parents. Early detection of child hood carries habit breaking treatments milk dentition root canal treatments, space maintainers used for missing teeth area some of managements

Early detection of skeletal discrepancies and correction can prevent future extensive as well as expensive treatment like orthodontics surgeries


Oral maxillofacial surgery

All the surgical procedures of mouth teeth and surrounding areas comes under this specialty accidents facial trauma impacted and uncorrupted tooth removal cleft palate and cleft lip correction dental implants are a few of the treatments comes under this specialty some skeletal deformities which can’t be corrected with orthodontic treatments also can be corrected with maxillofacial surgeries

Department of orthodontics

Orthodontics deal with the branch of dentistry where correction of mal aligned, crowded, proclined and protruded teeth done. Usually orthodontic treatment start at the age of 12-13 but in some instances the treatment has to start at a much earlier age like 7 or 8 we have all the modern orthodontic technique like straight wire soft lighting, ceramic brackets, lingual brackets etc...